A Day in the LIFE: Word from the Streets

“A Day in the LIFE: Word from the Streets” is a daily news bulletin from Team LIFE Camp straight from Southeast Queens, where stopping violence is more than removing guns and writing new laws. At LIFE Camp, we work directly with those most impacted by the disease of violence to interrupt and eradicate the disease from its roots.


October 1

Queens, NY — October 1st sets out to be a normal day. Team LIFE camp began by interrupting incidents of domestic violences this morning, then shifted to changing mindsets of high risk individuals, to a few safely transfers, to mediations and then finally to community canvassing. Our PeaceMobile took to the streets, where our staff continued their work of relationship building in our target neighborhoods.

Our goal today with the PeaceMobile is simple: spread the word on what services LIFE Camp and our PeaceMobile offers to our communities.

This is officially our first post on “A Day in the LIFE: Word from the Streets.” Each day we will bring you along with Team LIFE Camp and give you an update on what’s happening in Southeast Queens (SEQ) from our unique vantage point. We’ve seen 20+ violent incidents in SEQ in the past month and practically no coverage in the media. We’re out to change that.

We want our you and our communities to understand how LIFE Camp works. LIFE Camp’s founder Erica Ford was a key architect in the NYC Crisis Management System. We want bring you along with us how to see first hand how we maintained 4 years of no killings in our target area and how together, in partnership, we can reduce gun violence by 50 percent and make our communities great!


  • LIFE Camp’s VIP (Violence Intervention & Prevention) Team heads to Las Vegas to talk with Presidential candidates about gun violence in America; specifically we’re out to find out how each candidate plans to address the gun violence epidemic in black and brown communities.

  • A 26 Year old Black Man was shot during an attempted robbery at 160th Street and South Road this afternoon. He was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital. Our VIP Team is responding to gather more information + to see if/how/where LIFE Camp’s VIP services can plug in.

  • This Saturday (October 5th), Elected Officials are holding a town hall on the recent and rash increase of shootings in Southeast Queens.

  • This past Sunday (September 29th), Kayne West and his Magical choir was center stage at Allen AME church with that Hip Hop praise.


  • Download the Citizen App! It keeps communities updated on what’s going on around them In real time and allows us to remain safe. Download and stay aware.

  • We have a community calendar up on our website. Check it out here. Want to add you events? Email info@peaceisalifestyle.com