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Greetings Friends,

Queens has seen 12 shootings, over 15 young men arrested and 9 dead in the past few weeks alone. We haven’t seen this level of violence out here since the 90s.

I’m writing to support my friends at LIFE Camp, a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to bring peace in Queens. They focus on wholistic violence prevention and intervention: addressing violence as a public health crisis.  

LIFE Camp spent the last few weeks speaking with mothers, families and leaders of street organizations who lost friends and family. They have been providing therapeutic and healing services, interventions, mediations and court advocacy around the clock. They have been listening to the community. And they are hearing how deeply this tragedy impacts Queens. 

LIFE Camp has identified two programs that will wholistically address this uptake in violence. 

They need to raise a combined $407,260 to keep this work going. I’m writing because they need our help.  

Program 1:    Expanding Our Reach 

COST: $250,000

All of the recent shootings took place outside of LIFE Camp’s focus area. They need to expand their work beyond their current reach. This program will extend LIFE Camp’s reach into South Queens.  The map below shows shootings in Queens (color flags) and LIFE Camp’s current catchment area (outlined in black). 

  1. Interruption: Hire 20 more credible community messengers for the next 3 months.

  2. Uniforms + Supplies: Equip their violence intervention street teams to keep them safe + recognizable. 

  3. Neighborhood Communication Campaign: Galvanizing people in Queens to be all in for peace.

  4. Therapeutic Services: Extending hours for the PeaceMobile, LIFE Camp’s mobile crisis and therapeutic unit.

  5. Police + Community Relations: Strengthening relationship and ties between communities and the local police precincts. 

  6. Building Networks: Building a network of organizations, businesses and influencers in Queens to co-create peace.  

Program 2:    #ALLIN4PEACE Emergency Fellowship 

COST: $157,260

After the recent escalation of violence, LIFE Camp’s street teams have identified 20 young people directly touched by the recent shootings. They’re are working with them to break the cycle of violence. This fellowship will include: 

  1. Employment: Hire 20 young people for 12 weeks, removing them from the streets. 

  2. Therapeutic and Wellness Services: begin the process of healing traumas. 

  3. Mentorship: Provide mentors for each of these young people.

  4. Job Training: Provide basic job training and networking opportunities outside of south Queens. 

  5. Job Placement: Support these young people towards sustainable employment. 

Your support is tremendously appreciated and will help transform Queens. Let’s help LIFE Camp raise the $407,260 they need to make this happen.


All in for peace,